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Color fastness and elasticity requirements of cotton nylon interwoven fabric Jan 10, 2019

Cotton nylon interwoven fabric has excellent chemical stability during use, excellent wear resistance, and feels smooth, with a gorgeous visual touch, complement each other, with excellent performance, the pretreatment process of cotton nylon interwoven fabric will be direct Affect the dyeing and finishing quality and taking performance of the fabric. The high quality pretreatment process gives the fabric good whiteness, significantly promotes its wicking effect and minimizes its loss of strength.

Melting point and elasticity of cotton nylon interwoven fabric

Nylon 6 has a melting point of 220 ° C and nylon 66 has a melting point of 260 ° C. But this is not a difference in terms of the temperature conditions of the carpet. The lower melting point allows nylon 6 to have better resilience, fatigue resistance and thermal stability than nylon 66.

Color fastness of cotton nylon interwoven fabric

Color fastness is not a property of nylon. It is the dye in nylon rather than the nylon itself that fades under illumination.