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The benefits of cotton nylon stretch twill fabric over other fabrics Sep 11, 2018

Because of its excellent elasticity, cotton nylon stretch twill fabric is widely used in apparel fabrics. The surface of cotton brocade twill fabric is fuller. It is easy to open and shape during printing and dyeing. It has higher density than plain woven fabric and good wear resistance. It is stronger than plain weave, the shrinkage rate is good, and it is not easy to shrink.


The cotton nylon stretch twill fabric is divided into single-faced twill and double-sided twill. The warp and weft interlacing is less than the plain weave, so that the gap between the warp and weft yarns is small, the yarns can be closely arranged, so that the fabric density is larger, thicker and better. The hand feels softer and the elasticity is better than plain. Under the condition of the same density and thickness of the yarn, its abrasion resistance and fastness are not as good as those of plain weave.


Compared with other fabrics, cotton nylon stretch twill fabric has good moisture absorption, soft hand feeling, comfortable and comfortable to wear; it is easy to keep warm and comfortable to wear; in addition, cotton brocade twill fabric is soft, close, hygroscopic and breathable. The preferred material for many garment making.